During a tour of Scotland with LOVE AFFAIR-THE TREMELOES-MARMALADE, I met and became good friends with Chip Hawkes.  It was the best thing that happened to me.      

 When Chip left THE TREMELOES, he rang and asked me to put a band together -   

THE CHIP HAWKES BAND. Easy! John Skelton on drums; Glenn Sissons bass and vocals; Dave Dulake keyboards and superb falsetto vocals;Adam Ridealgh guitar and vocals.

Once I was playing in the afternoon with LOVE AFFAIR at Winchester and in Holland in the Evening with Chip! So Gary Nuttal (Robbie Williams guitarist) went to Holland just in case I didn’t make it.  I did after a flight delay (typical) so we both played.    

We were doing some fantastic original songs written by Chip in a country rock style,  playing GERMANY, BARBADOS etc.  A really magical time.

During that period I stayed over at Chips quite a bit, and became really good friends with Chesney who is a brilliant musician, Jodi a real rock and roll drummer, Keily who is a session singer in America, a great vocalist in her own right, and of course the lovely Carol who did THE GOLDEN SHOT who somehow put up with me constantly under foot. Chip is my son Matthew’s God-father. Chip concentrated on his son Chesneys career getting him to number one.

On one of the German gigs we had Denny Laine fromTHE MOODY BLUES and WINGS guesting!

On one occasion, we were asked to back Brian Connolly from SWEET, Subsequently, we did quite a few gigs with Brian as BC SWEET before he died.  I was absolutely shocked and honoured when I got a phone call from Brian's office; he had asked for me to be at his funeral..

I played with THE BROTHERS GRIMM  - one of the best Blues Brothers band On the circuit, on drums at one point was The Big Figure from DOCTOR FEELGOOD -  an absolute gent, we did the Cork jazz and Blues festival ,the Isle of Mann TT

And of course not forgetting TALL STORY A progressive rock band with John Skelton, Tony Search, Dave Harris & Steve Hulme. When I went to the audition Tony asked me if I read Music, to which I replied ‘No, but it hasn’t caused Stevie Wonder any problems!’  Silence.  An icy wind rattled through the room, but somehow I still got the job!