We got a residency in Copenhagen as KILROY.  This was a complete life changer. We played 4x45mins sets during the week, and 5x45’s at weekends.  There were Ampeg amps built into the wall;  On our first night, the manager came up and asked us to TURN UP!  It was so loud. During one of the trips to Copenhagen I was asked to join SABOTAGE - a full time touring band. The first gig was in Guernsey; I learned the set on the Ferry! Then on to Vienna. We lasted 2 weeks and 1 day before loading the van and buggering off up to Copenhagen where we were supposed to be the following month!  It was the famous DADDYS DANCE HALL;  The boys knew the manager well and he let us kip upstairs. Within 2 days we were working.We were even asked to represent Denmark in the Eurovision song contest! Weird.  We didn’t do it -so my street cred is still intact.

While at DADDYS we got a night off so THE SEX PISTOLS could play! SABOTAGE returned to England, where we played Mecca dance halls. Not what I wanted to do so I left on good terms.

I then joined  LOVE AFFAIR - where I remained on and off for 20 odd years touring intensely. We recorded a single -  a cover of THE WITCH QUEEN OF NEW ORLEANS originally by REDBONE, the record got a fair bit of air play but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

An old friend John Berry from SLADE asked me to do some gigs with him at a pub in Forrest Gate with Steve Clarke from MOTORHEAD on drums.  One night John couldn’t do the gig so Steve got Gerry McAvoy to do the gig. What a night! and yes - we did Bullfrog Blues - including the bass solo! We carried on and did loads of gigs in London.

When Gerry joined NINE BELOW ZERO He asked me to do the transport and guitar tech, that’s when I first met Mickey Modern their manager.  Mad as a box of frogs.  Loved him to death.

One night at The Brentwood Centre, there was no one to announce them on, so Gerry decided that I was the man for the job.             

We did a gig in South London.  Brendan ONeil was on drums, Gerry on Bass, Mark Feltham on Harmonica (the full Rory Gallagher line up).  Dennis Greaves from NINE BELOW ZERO turned up to watch, I was in Heaven!  I met Rory at a gig he was doing in London which Gerry had invited me along to.When NINE BELOW ZERO Released their new CD ON THE ROAD AGAIN they gave me a mention for all the help I’d given them. Gerry actually did a LOVE AFFAIR gig and as always completely nailed it, including Vocals.