Firstly - Why ‘Telecaster Ted’? While playing in Denmark the drummer from another band on the bill was a real comedian!  He said – and I quote ‘Your name’s Ted, and you’ve got a Telecaster.  You must be Telecaster Ted!’ Honest - it’s true!

I started my career with Chris North & Tim Waters, Tim taught me the art of singing harmonies.

I then did a 3 and a half year stint in the Army, stationed in Devon (including a 3 month tour of duty in Belfast).  With my good mate Les Rawlings - who is still a good mate to this day, we started an army band called DMS (which was the name of army boots -Direct Moulded Soul) . It then became PANIK.  I was adopted by my Devon family the Finnamores, Ritchie, Sue,  Terri and Big John,  However, the pull of the music was way too strong, and to my Dad’s horror, I bought my self out so that I could play full time, and returned to Basildon.

I teamed back up with Chris and we played the pub scene in Basildon, which was at the time very healthy. We did original songs and covers, going through different names including

THE ORIENTALS; EYES; NO IDEA with Tim Gentle & Mick Summerfield - Personnel included the charismatic Terry Watson, Steve Gravelie ,Jerry Cunningham, John Arnold on bass and Ian Pierce;  Finally settling on PANIK;  Adam Ridealgh, Russ Strothard, John Skelton, Glenn Sissons. John (The Bear) Hemmings, Roger Jacobs, Paul Egholm, Mike Steed and Chris North all contributed to make PANIK what it was.  


We spread our wings to London: THE BRIDGEHOUSE Canning town;THE GREYHOUND and THE GOLDEN LION Fulham - and the original MARQUEE,.  Finally getting a recording contract and releasing a single called RUSSIAN ROULETTE with Johnny Hogg on vocals and Clive Dimmock on sax.  We didn’t quite set the world alight, but it was fun doing it.  We had the distinct honour of playing at the last night of THE NASHVILLE with Wilco Johnson, Lemmy and loads of others.

Next came THE BOLLARDS with Keith Millington, John Boughtwood, Johnny Venn and John Haseltine who became a life-long friend.  It was a mad band; You never knew what was going to happen next!  One night while I was singing, I felt a whack on the back of my head!  It was John Boughtwood who had a concertina boxing glove!  He got a bit too cocky  trying to get behind me and fell into the drums!

RUDI CAFE with John Mulligan Eddie Smith Turd(Steve) on Drums Mark Robinson Keyboards and the beer flowed.

Tim Gentle opened a small shop in Leigh-On-Sea.  When he had to go into hospital I helped out with Ruthie.  My only qualifications were that icould plug an amp in, and bullshit for England,!  The shop expanded and I ended up as manager, working alongside Dave Bronze and  Brad Trower,I made a lot of good friends through the shop.